An angel clad in leggings and wellies

Sometimes the universe actually does have a plan. She has the solution to the problem that you can’t solve. She hands it to you when you need it the most.

A year ago I lost my Gran to cancer, my world was shattered, I moved back across the globe to my hometown for the first time in 7 years. Little did I know that 2 days prior to this, an old friend also lost her Grandma. The universe knew though.

The universe took two broken souls and made them find each other. She pushed two girls, who had once had a deep connection, lost for no reason other than time, space, and circumstance, and she pushed them back together. And in this motion, I found a way to heal.

A friend who instantly fell back into the comfort and ease that can only happen when you have already shared a bond that felt boundless. 

My heart wasn’t just on my sleeve, it was torn in pieces and scattered on the floor. But it seemed those pieces became caught in a gust of wind and tangled with the fragments my friend’s loss had left behind. Together, little by little, talk by talk, walk by walk, we picked up the pieces and slotted them back in their rightful place. I think a few got jumbled in the process, and now some of her pieces are in my heart, and mine in hers - because it’s like she gets me more than you can just by looking at someone’s heart, she feels it too. 

The universe sent me an angel. An angel clad in leggings and wellies. We trudged through mud, got sunburnt in the heat, braced the icy rain, and with each step we built back our walls. But this time she was on my side of the wall and we were building our defences, stronger together to the onslaught the world had to offer. 

Sometimes, the universe just knows. She knows exactly that you need a friend that’ll make you laugh until you pee a bit, a friend that’ll give you just the book you need for that time, a friend that’ll push you further when you feel like you’ve given up, a friend to be the cheerleader, the therapist, the agony aunt, and the motivational speaker all wrapped in one little parcel of a beaming sunshine human.

Thank you for giving my thoughts a place to rest when there was no space left in my mind for them all. Thank you for taking my hand, always metaphorically, since you don’t like to touch, and dragging me over every hill I came across. Thank you for bringing me happiness when my world was full of grey. Thank you for every single day of the last year. And for the last 14 years before that. I couldn’t have faced it without you. Thank you for being you.

The universe knows. And she knew I needed you. 


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