Small ways to feel alive in a pandemic

-Pick fresh basil and liberally add it to every pasta dish you cook. Make sure to tell anyone in the room, or yourself if alone, “I love the smell of fresh basil.”

-Watch a TikTok video of a cat in a tiny pair of star-shaped sunglasses

-Walk through the field and see a man walking 8 dogs. Smile.

-Plant tomato seeds and sweet peas. Place them on the windowsill and think of the day that you will pick the fruits of your labour.

-Buy a laundry softener that smells great. Every time you do laundry your house will fill with this smell and you’ll be thankful for your choice.

-Walk to buy apples, when it starts pouring with rain - run in it! Run with the music playing in your ears and imagine you are in a music video.

-See your dog for the first time in weeks. She will smother you in kisses and make you feel loved and missed.

-Video call a friend on the other side of the world, when the call connects he will instantly say “You look very well.”

-Dust the leaves of your houseplants. You are caring for other lives and it will give you purpose.

-Buy exactly the food you are craving, even if you get lost on the way to not your usual supermarket. 

-Sleep with your window open so you hear the birds singing when you wake up.

-Bake a cake. Decorate it with a smiley face in buttercream.

-Make to-do lists with easy-to-achieve tasks - feel accomplished as you tick them off. Make them as simple as you need; wake up - check, brush your hair - check.

-Take a break from your phone. Delete Instagram for a week or two. You’ll gain so much time you didn’t even realise you were missing.

-Find a new song you really like. Play it really loud. Sing to it really badly - but with gusto. 

-Paint a picture. Even when you get to the stage where you hate it, persist. 

-Buy a bamboo steamer. Steam anything you can get your hands on. Eat a lot of steamed dumplings.

-Watch a sad film, light candles, eat oranges in bed, and cry. Sometimes you just need to release your emotions. Feel strangely refreshed after this.

-Sit outside in your garden and eat lunch. Do it even when it’s 5 degrees. Wear a big coat and take a blanket. Vitamin D will do you good.

-Try a new recipe. Cook it, no matter how extravagant, just for yourself.

-Get to work early on a sunny but cold day. Stay in your car for 5 minutes just soaking up the heat of the sun through your windscreen.


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